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Do Nou Need Quality Electric Service?






  • Selling your house? -Most insurance companies will not allow the sale of a home if the electrical service has not been upgraded to breakers with a minimum of 100 amps.


  • Electrical Problems? -If your house suffers from electrical problems such as lights flickering during a storm, or loud humming or buzzing noises coming from the service panel, you might want to consider and electrical service upgrade.


  • Adding new appliances? -Most homes with the older 60 amp fused service might find out that when adding items such as an electric water heater, dryer, A/C unit, garage or hot tub, that they do not have the required room in the panel to support it. A service upgrade can fix this problem!


  • Hassel of fuses? -Avoid the aggravating task of trying to find a blown fuse in the dark or with a flashlight. Upgrading the electrical service from fuses to breakers allows the homeowner to clearly see what circuit has tripped.



Randy- On Monday Jan 6th, your advice over the phone saved my day. I had blown my main breaker while changing over a dryer wiring (stupidity) you told me to force reset + it worked. Got our power back!!

Thank you for your consideration

Gene + Mary


When I called this company and left a message, they called back right away. The owner came out to my home and I asked him to give me an estimate. He was very thorough and his price was very reasonable!

They showed up on time, even a little early, and was very professional and efficient! He was also very neat and leaned up all the sawdust from drilling! I wouldn't hesitate to use this company again and also refer my friends



We were very pleased with the work-especially the professionalism and the lead Electrician. We'll be calling for future work.



Randy, Thank you so much for all your work. You and your team sis a great job.

Hope to call you when I need electrical work done again, just hope its not too soon.

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